Black Social Club

It's 1950 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Nestled on the corner of Beeties Ford Road and Sanders sits The Excelsior Club. Black professionals and artists alike flock to The Excelsior Club to network, drink, strategize, and have a good time. Dressed to the nines, the crowd outside wraps around the building as you can hear the rhythmic music booming from inside.  
This private black social club was home to hundreds of African-Americans who didn't have anywhere else to go during those times. Jimmie McKee opened The Excelsior Club in 1944 as a place of refuge for his people and his community. Artists like James Brown, Louis Armstrong, and Sam Cooke played on that once great stage. After recent years and hard times, The Excelsior Club is facing demolition. This staple in African- American history and in the community threatens to be erased forever.
Six Point Four is sharing the story of the historic Excelsior Club. This movement's focus is to share a story on the importance of preserving our history and continue to build upon our roots to enrich our communities.

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